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DNA testing

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This page is a gateway to finding more information and resources on DNA testing. Some portal pages may contain "Recommended Reading" and/or "Getting Started" sections which contain useful links.

Introduction to DNA testing

Combining the use of DNA testing and Genealogy is a relatively young method of family research. Some common questions about using DNA paired with genealogy are...

When did DNA testing come into use for genealogical purposes?

In the late 1990's, there were several highly publicized cases, i.e.: the "Cheddar Man", Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings, and the last Czar of Russia's family, to name a few, in which DNA was utilized to prove or disprove relationships to people that have long since been deceased. The media coverage of these, and other cases, helped to bring DNA testing for genealogical applications to the commercial market in the year 2000.

What will a DNA test tell me?

It, depends on the type of test taken. For example, if you are a male or test a male relative's Y-DNA, if there are any matches in the database of the testing company, it will show the people you match. Depending upon the company you test with, other information may be made available to you, like your ethnic origin. Whether you have a Cohanim gene or have Native American ancestry. The first 12-markers of a Y-DNA test are considered "deep ancestry" markers and may show matches with people of different surnames. These matches generally indicate that you shared a common ancestor hundreds of years before surnames even came into use.
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