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Runs of Homozygosity (Borland Genetics)

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The Runs of Homozygosity tool in the Borland Genetics Web Tools and Database identifies regions of a donor's DNA that are homozygous (where the same alleles appear on the maternal and paternal copies of the chromosome). The implication of such runs or streaks is typically either that the parents of the donor are/were related or that they are/were members of the same endogamous group.

The Borland Genetics tool, in addition to identifying the regions, makes a prediction as to what possible degree of genetic relationship the parents would have likely had. Depending on the specific results, the tool may indicate a specific relationship, a range of relationships, or a lack of relationship.

Tool Attributes

Borland Genetics Runs of Homozygosity Screenshot

Category: DNA Resource Analysis

Access: Free


Location on site: Kit Toolbox (located on Kit Laboratory screen) for all factory kits


The tool first appeared on the site during the 2021 Rolling Spring Features Release.

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