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Southworth-Southard DNA Project

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Two distinct families -- Southworth of Massachusetts and Southard of New York -- have long been commingled in family histories. In an effort to sort them out, a DNA Project was established several years ago. The results to date have proven a well-documented New York Southard line descending from Thomas Southard. b. 1615 in Leiden, Holland whose roots appear to be in Exeter, Devon, England and who immigrated to New Amsterdam in 1640. Also proven is a definite familial relationship for another Southard-Southworth family whose records to date show Virginia as their origin.

One man has been tested whose paper trail is strong and leads to Constant Southworth b. 1616 Leiden, Holland, immigrated to Massachusetts in 1627/28. It is essential to find other men with similar lineage to prove the ancestral haplotype for this Southworth family that has a long and deep history in England.

Notice that the surnames of all these families have been spelled many ways, including Soathard, Soatpard, Southard, Southart, Southeard, Souther, Southern, Southers, Southward, Southwood, Southworth, Suthard, Suthart, Suthers, Suthert.

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