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Special DNA projects

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This page is devoted to special DNA projects which do not fit into any other category.

Adopted DNA Project

  • The Adopted DNA Project A special DNA project for any adoptee wishing to use DNA testing to find out more about his or her ancestral origins and to make connections with biological relations.

Archaeologist DNA Project

  • Archaeologist DNA Project A fun project for archaeologists and those who have volunteered at an excavation. Adminstrator: Peter Kovacs

British Romany Project

  • British Romany Project. The British Romany Genetic Ancestry Study is a research project at the University of Leicester led by Matt Sears. The genetic testing is being done by Dr Turi King and Professor Mark Jobling.

Celtic Traveller DNA Project

  • Celtic Traveller DNA Project This project is primarily for the members and descendants of Irish Travellers, Highland Scottish Travellers, Lowland Scottish Travellers, Fairground Travellers and other Non-Romani travelling families. Those who are of Roma or mixed Traveller ancestry are also welcome to join.

Close cousins DNA Project

  • Close Cousins DNA Project. Administrators: Blaine Bettinger and William Davenport. A project which tests the DNA of our close primate relatives such as chimpanzee and bonobo.

Donor-conceived Project

  • Donor-conceived project This project is an attempt to provide adults conceived with donated sperm or egg the opportunity to locate, with genetic confirmation, half-siblings, as well as their biological parent(s). The tests accepted in this project are any sperm donor-conceived adult who has ordered either the Family Finder test or a Y-DNA test from Family Tree DNA. In the future, adults conceived via egg donors will be able to order mitochondrial DNA tests to trace their maternal relatives and siblings.

Fathers, sons and brothers project

Mothers, sisters and daughters mtDNA project

  • Mothers, Sisters and Daughters Project A project for people who have close family members who have taken the full sequence mtDNA test. Males are also eligible if they have also tested their mother, sister or mother's sister,

Munster Irish DNA Project

Operation Reunite

  • Operation Reunite An organisation which helps to reunited Vietnamese adoptees with their genetic families. The associated DNA project was launched in 2010.

Project Pending

  • Project Pending This project was set up to allow people to order a DNA test at the discount project rates if (1) They have difficulty finding a suitable project or (2) They are awaiting authorization to join a closed project.

Roman DNA Project

  • Roman DNA Project A crowd-funded DNA project which is analysing skeletal remains of Ancients Romans.

Romany DNA

  • Romany DNA Project The Romany DNA Project collects both Y-DNA and mtDNA from Romany Gypsies worldwide.

Russian Genetic Genealogy

Shoah DNA project

  • The DNA Shoah Project (Holocaust DNA Project) The DNA Shoah project is building a database of genetic material from Holocaust survivors and their immediate descendants in hopes of reuniting families disrupted by the Shoah ("Holocaust" in Hebrew). The Project aims to match displaced relatives, provide Shoah orphans and lost children with information about their biological families and, eventually, assist in the forensic identification of Holocaust-era remains. There is no fee to participate in the project.

Missing Legacy DNA Project

Y-STR Projects