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TROUT-DNA Research Project

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George Washington TROUT 1838-1922 and sons Harry and Korah, circa 1881. George was a great grandson of Johann Paul TRAUT (1726-1803), Line #3 in our TROUT-DNA study, and George was also the great-grandfather of member Craig H. Trout.

combined genetic and traditional genealogy research reference site

  • The TROUT-DNA Research Projectis designed to explore, sort, and document potential relationships between various distinct TROUT-variant surname family lines by using genetic genealogy to provide scientific proofs for TROUT research developed through traditional genealogical research methods. In the alternative, DNA research can also fully disprove a presumptive relationship so that traditional research can now be confidently redirected to more likely family lines, or in some cases, an existing DNA-proven family line.

    • As part of this research process, our project works to establish fully documented TROUT-DNA “reference lines” back to Germany, England, and other countries of origin, thereby allowing TROUT-variant surname researchers to either compare (match) their own Y-DNA against these established reference lines (Haplotypes), or in the alternative, establish entirely new TROUT-DNA reference lines for future use. -- Think of a DNA reference line as being the Y-DNA "signature" of your TROUT male ancestors.' '

    • Our research project is also designed to track various TROUT-variant surname family lines as they continued to move inland to many other states, and then through DNA research, attempt to link them back to their originating Colonial lines from the early to mid-1700's, as well as their RAOs (recent ancestral origins) in England or Europe, and ultimately their Haplogroups (deep ancestry - thousands of years).

    • As new members join, we immediately work to link their ascending TROUT lines to one of the early descending TROUT lines we have already identified and documented through the above process.

  • Special Features & Membership Benefits: In addition to providing the scientific proofs made available through genetic genealogy, our project is also designed to directly support traditional genealogical research, and to the extent possible, cites and/or links are provided for ships passenger lists; Revolutionary War pension files; Find-a-Grave memorials (selected example); census records; WWI & WWII draft registrations; birth, marriage, and death certificates, probate, and similar resources. We also provide links to numerous other websites dedicated to TROUT family research, as well as numerous search engines and research collections.

    • Our project research activities are also directly supported by our Craig H. Trout Family Research Site on RootsWeb WorldConnect which currently lists over 33,000 individuals.

    • Our very "search friendly" web site includes a PICO search engine and is also richly embedded with numerous internal links to aid in navigation.

    • The TROUT-DNA Research Project website has been peer reviewed by ISOGG, and was featured as the ISOGG site of the month for December 2007.

    • Our project members receive copies of our TROUT-DNA Research Project Newsletter issued 8-10 time a year, as well as The Trout Family Historian quarterly research journal. Our Forum feature includes the archives for all past editions of our newsletter back to 2005, as well as TFH quarterly research journal back to 2003. Our Forum feature also serves as our online reference library and includes a multitude TROUT research resources.

    • We also maintain a less formal TROUT-DNA Research Project Facebook Page which is designed as a very friendly "meet & greet" site for our members as well and anyone else interested in researching their TROUT family history. Members of our Facebook page often post historic family photos and also share information on their individual family histories.

  • International Members: Members of TROUT-variant surname lines in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Germany, Russia, and all other countries around the world are also warmly invited to use our TROUT-DNA Research Project to connect or sort through their own various TROUT family lines as well. The more international TROUT lines we add, the greater the chance of matches and breakthroughs. To date, we have members from the USA, Canada, Germany, England, and Japan, and anticipate several more members from the USA joining in the very near future. TROUT-variant surname researchers living in other countries do not need to have any direct link to any line in the USA in order to join our project and make excellent use of this DNA research and traditional TROUT reference site. Whoever you are, and wherever you live in the world, if you are researching a TROUT-variant line, you are warmly encourage to join and participate!

  • Who Can Join: To formally join, you must be a TROUT-variant surname male and participate in Y-DNA testing. Female researchers may also join through testing of a closely related TROUT-variant surname male (Note: only males carry Y-DNA). Regardless, all TROUT researchers from around the world are warmly encouraged to make free use of our site and related traditional reference resources, and of course your research contributions are always very welcome!

  • Genographic Project: Members of the National Geographic’s Genographic Project who are researching their TROUT-variant lines can easily merge their existing test results with our TROUT-DNA project at no extra cost.

Come join us in our TROUT Family History “Corps of Discovery”!

-- Contact Craig H. Trout for additional details.