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Creates a COinS tag (, which allows automated tools to parse citation information.

The template should be placed immediately after the text of a citation. The template should be placed immediately after the <cite></cite> tag which contains the citation.

The Citation metadata template provides a human-readable interface to creating these tags, and in most cases should be used instead of this tag.


For a specification of the parameters, see [1]. Parameters will produce the appropriate rft. parameter in the metadata span.

Use one of

  • jtitle - journal title
  • btitle - book title

This will set the format of the citation, which defaults to 'book'. The following parameters are all optional; supply as many as possible

  • aulast - author surname
  • atitle - title of an article in a journal, or of a chapter in a book. If btitle is set, the format will change to bookitem.
  • aulast, aufirst - surname and forename of the first author
  • au#last, au#first - surnames and forenames of subsequent authors. You may disregard |au#first= and specify |au#last= in the format Surname, Forename if required.
  • date, series, volume, issue, pages, edition - self-explanatory
  • place - place of publication
  • pub - publisher
  • doi, pmid, pmc, bibcode, oclc, isbn, issn - object identifiers; render in span as rft_id=info:doi/{{{value}}}
  • url - renders as rft_id=

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