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This template should be used by placing {{stub}} at the beginning of a page. Alternatively, you can also use {{page}}. The {{page}} template is a redirect to the {{stub}} template and will function in the same way. The {{page}} template redirect was created because it was more intuitive for wiki members. These two templates are used to place a message box asking others to contribute more content to the page it is placed on.

"needs" Categories already in use:

  • {{stub|needs content}} Needs content category
  • {{stub|needs images}} Needs images category
  • {{stub|needs editing}} Needs editing category
  • {{stub|needs list population}} Needs list population

It can also be used on a Category page.

  • {{stub|needs more pages}} Needs more pages is a category message box.

Please maintain the first word needs and use all lower case lettering.

Example of the Message box:

The actual content of the page will start under the horizontal line. Just like you are see it here in the documentation. Remember, you may use "stub" or the more intuitive "page" for this template.