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Travis DNA Project

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Travis DNA project
Larry Travis
CeCe Moore
Travis DNA Project Website
Additional Project Information
DNA type(s) used Y-DNA and atDNA
Project size 20+
Surname variations Travers, Trevis, Traves, Traviss
Geographic areas Worldwide
Predominant haplogroup R1b1b2

The Travis Surname DNA Project was established to create a database of DNA profiles of male Travis descendants to aid in genealogical research. DNA analysis can assist in supporting or refuting the premise that two or more participants descend from a common ancestor. By using a simple DNA test we hope to determine possible relationships between the various Travis lines around the world. All variant spellings are welcome, including Travers.

Project Goals

We hope to achieve the following goals:

  • To determine possible relationships between the known Travis lines in the United States, and try to discover how or if they are connected to Travis lines in England or other regions of the world.
  • To determine possible relationships between Travis lines of British descent (including those in the British Isles and other countries).
  • To determine if Travis lines of African American heritage share descent with the Travis lines of British descent.
  • To assist Travises not sure of their lineage and to determine which of these broad groups they might fit into.

DNA Test Used By This Project

There are many types of tests used in Genetic genealogy. The Travis DNA Project is a surname project and utilizes the DNA on the Y-chromosome. This Y-DNA is passed down from father to son, generation after generation, virtually unchanged. So the Y-DNA of a Travis male living today should be nearly identical to his male ancestor many generations ago. Thus, by comparing two individuals, we can determine if they have a common ancestor. It works very well.

Occasionally, there is a Mutation in the DNA. The value on a marker has changed and may no longer match other members of that line. These mutations are neither good nor bad. They are just rare random changes in the Y-DNA. However, they can help in genealogy since once a mutation occurs, it is passed on to all future generations of male Travises. If we find two individuals in the same line with the same mutation, then the odds are good they are a little closer related to each other than to the others.

The Travis Surname DNA Project uses Family Tree DNA as our testing company. Travis test results from other companies are always welcome. The test is a simple, painless, bloodless swab of the inside of the cheek with a "mini-toothbrush". All FTDNA Surname Project Administrators serve on a volunteer basis and are not compensated for their work.

The Travis Project is also currently assisting in analyzing and interpreting its members' Family Finder Autosomal DNA results.

Travis DNA Project Requirements

  • The individual who submits the DNA sample must be a MALE with the Travis (or variant) ancestral line (or suspect descent from) OR if testing with Family Finder, must have a Travis ancestral line or suspect descent from one.
  • Participant must submit a pedigree chart (if known).
  • Participant must allow their kit number, test results, and oldest known Travis ancestor to be posted on the Travis DNA website.
  • No other information will be released without the participant’s written permission.
  • Adoptees are welcome

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