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Unexpected results

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Some people get unexpected results from a DNA test. They might have a match with a previously unknown close relative. Conversely the close relative they are supposed to match does not appear in their match list.

Support groups

There are a number of support groups which can help people who get unexpected results from a DNA test:

  • Facebook DNA NPE Gateway Group A gateway group to a community which provides emotional support "for those who were surprised to learn through a genealogical DNA test that their parent(s) is confirmed to NOT be their biological parent(s)".
  • DNA secrets A Facebook group set up by Wayne Cedric Bell.
  • CeCe Moore and Watershed DNA host a secret support group on Facebook
  • The Donor Conception Network (UK) can offer support for people who have discovered through DNA testing that they are donor conceived and can provide referrals to qualified counsellors
  • NPE Fellowship A group which provides "emotional, educational, and practical support to those who have discovered that one or both parents were not their biological parent(s)".

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Research projects

  • Family Secrets Research Katy Barbier-Greenland from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, is doing a PhD on the impact of family secrets on people's lives.

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