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Administrator Guidelines

  • I have searched for projects using the Family Tree DNA Project Search on the homepage ( or by looking at the indexed list on the Projects page ( to verify that no project currently exists that covers the same surname or theme of the project I am proposing.
    Family Tree DNA has a firm policy against creating new projects that overlap with the themes and goals of existing projects. If you find a project with an overlapping theme, we suggest you contact the administrator to find out if you can help manage the project.
  • Administrators must be responsive to questions from their members within a reasonable time period.
  • Administrators have the responsibility to update the project webpage on a regular basis. A project is a collaborative effort, where members contribute their results and share information in order to support the goals of the project. The only access project members have to their assimilated results is through the public page. For this reason, it is important to keep the public page updated.
  • Administrators must maintain the privacy of project members. Personal information of members should not be published on ours or any outside websites.
  • Administrators may help members select the appropriate tests for their needs. However, any upgrades that an administrator purchases on behalf of a member (whether or not funds are supplied from the group or otherwise) must be done so with written consent from the customer.
  • Family Tree DNA reserves the right to remove an administrator who abuses his or her privileges or fails to perform the above responsibilities.