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Dennis Wright has been a member of ISOGG since 2008 and is presently ISOGG Regional Coordinator - Australia.

He is the group administrator of the R-L226 project at Family Tree DNA:

Dennis was born in New Zealand, and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has been actively involved in Genealogy since 1971. At various times he has been a member of the following societies:-

  • Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies Inc.
  • Genealogical Society of New Zealand.
  • Hampshire Genealogical Society.
In December 2006, Dennis created the Irish Type III website to gather and disseminate information on the Irish Type III R1b Cluster.

Published Papers

Dennis has had published A Set of Distinctive Markers Defines a Y-STR Signature for Gaelic Dalcassian Families in JoGG (the Journal of Genetic Genealogy) which sets out his research on the Irish Type III cluster.


Dennis has the following Surnames among his ancestors:-

  • Wright - Y-DNA says Irish ( His paternal ancestor in New Zealand could have been the convict, John O'Brien 19, of Waterford, who escaped from Sydney, Australia, in 1827 and changed his name).
  • MacAvoy - Irish
  • Notton, New, Kingswell, Spanner, Newbury, Mackett, Hillier Grimes, Hodge, Draper, Keech - all Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.
  • McDonald - Irish or Scottish
  • Baldock, Austen, Ruck, Page, Kirby, Brett, Eppes, Tabraham, Bodkin - all Kent, England.
  • Broad, Scott, Harrison - all Surrey, England.
  • Irvine of Drum, Forbes, Ogilvie, Garden, Black, Cotton, Scott, McReadie - all Scotland.
  • Oates, Dixon, Rayner, Jolley, Milnes - Yorkshire, England.
  • Harington, Hawes - Cumberland, England.