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The results for Y-DNA tests are either from ancient Y-DNA (aY-DNA) presumed or confirmed to be from the famous men, or directly from the living men themselves (Y-DNA), or from men who claim or are comfirmed paternal line relatives (rY-DNA), or from men who have inferred paternal descent (dY-DNA) from historical figures. Scientists make the inference as a hypothesis which could be disproved or improved by future research. Usually Y-STRs are tested and the haplogroup only predicted, Y-SNP confirms the haplogroup by SNP testing.

Person Notability mtDNA Haplogroup Y-DNA Haplogroup Details Reliability
Al Roker Public Figure - E-M96 High
Birger Magnusson World leader - I-M253 - High
Chris Rock Public Figure - B-M218 - High
Desmond Tutu World leader - E-V95 - High
Dr. Mehmet Cengis Oz also known as Dr. Oz Public Figure - J-M67 - High
Eddie Izzard Public Figure - I-M223 - High
Nicholas II of Russia World leader - R-M343 - High
Nick Donofrio Public Figure - J-M172 - High
Ötzi the Iceman Ancient DNA - G-L91 - High
Spencer Wells Public Figure - R-M343 - High
Tutankhamun, 18th Dynasty of Egypt, presumed aY-STR World leader - R-M269 - Low
Adolf Hitler World leader - E-M35 Medium
Albert Einstein Public Figure - E-Z830 Medium
Alexander Hamilton World leader - I-M253 Medium
All Russian emperors from at least Nicholas I to Nicholas II "Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov" World leader - R-M343 Medium
Charles Darwin Public Figure - R-M343 - Medium
Colla Uais World leader - R-M343 - Medium
Niall of the Nine Hostages World leader - R-M222 - Medium
Nurhaci & the Qing Dynasty of China World leader - C-M130 - Medium
Ramesses III World leader - "E1b1a" - Medium
Cao Cao, the Cao Wei State of Ancient China & the Takamuko Clan of Japan World leader - O-M268 - -
Edmund Rice Public Figure - I-M253 - -
Emperor Nicholas I & II, Russia, House of Oldenburg World leader - R-M343 - -
Fath Ali Shah Qajar World leader - J-M267 - -
Franklin Pierce Public Figure - R-P25 - -
James Buchanan Public Figure - R-P25 - -
Fred Phelps Public Figure - R-M343 - -
French Kings from Henry IV to Louis XVI "Bourbon" World leader - G-P15 - -
Gediminas World leader - N-M46 - -
Genghis Khan World leader - C-M130 - -
Gia Long World leader - O-PK4 - -
Jimmy Buffett Public Figure - I-M223 - -
John Adams and John Quincy Adams World leader - R-M343 - -
John L. Worden Public Figure - J-M241 - -
Joseph Stalin World leader - G-Z6552 - -
Leo Tolstoy Public Figure - I-M253 - -
Matt Lauer Public Figure - J-M172 - -
Mike Nichols Public Figure - J-M67 - -
Mohammed, Prophet, Hashemites World leader - J-L859 - -
Napoleon World leader - E-M34 - -
Nelson Mandela World leader - E-M2 - -
Somerled World leader - R-M459 - -
The Rothschilds World leader - J-M172 - -
The Wright Brothers Public Figure - E-V13 - -
Thomas Jefferson World leader - T-M184 - -
Tom Hanks Public Figure - R-M459 - -
Tonu Trubetsky Public Figure - R-M512 - -
Warren Buffett Public Figure - I-M253 - -
William Harvey Public Figure - E-M34 - -
William Welles Hollister Public Figure - R-M459 - -
Wyatt Emory Cooper and Anderson Cooper Public Figure - R-M420 - -
Zhu Xi & the Ming Dynasty of China World leader - O-M111 - -



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