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Thomas Krahn is a molecular genetic professional with his Diploma Engineer degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Biotechnology from the Technical University in Berlin (Germany). Thomas has founded the companies Biotix GmbH and DNA Fingerprint in Germany until his business was acquired by Family Tree DNA in 2006. There in Houston he drastically changed the company to an open and transparent business and he built the DNA testing laboratory together with his wife Astrid Krahn starting from scratch and growing to the most up to date laboratory in the DNA genealogy field. His work at FTDNA included designing the Y-STR upgrade panel to 111 markers, the palindromic pack, the individual SNP tess and the Walk through the Y (WTY) program. He has designed the Y chromosome portion of the Geno2 chip and he has planned and designed the enrichment assay for the Big Y. Together with Bonnie Schrack he has found the A00 haplogroup among African American customers and he contributed to the research in multiple European haplogroups. Max Blankfeld has fired Thomas and Astrid while Bennett Greenspan was on vacation in August 2013 without giving substantial reasons. After the split from FTDNA Thomas has collected Y chromosome information from public sources and from citizen scientists and makes it public at the ISOGG server in the format of a Y chromosome browser ( Currently Thomas helps his wife Astrid with her new business YSEQ where they make individual SNP testing available with the goal to confirm novel variants that have been found in large scale Y chromosome sequencing studies.