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Worden DNA Project

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The Worden DNA project is for family researchers of all related spellings: Warden, Werden, Worthen, Wooden, Wood, Worden, Wording, and more....

Are these careless spellings, or are there real distinctions among them? Is there a common place of origin? A common ancestor? Is the pedigree we as family genealogists have worked so hard to develop truly accurate? These were the questions we had and turned to DNA research for answers.

As a result of research to date, we can say that the spellings are essentially random. They appear in all related groups as well as in unrelated groups. One line has been proven to originate in Lancashire, England.

There is not a common ancestor for all Wordens, although we have identified two distinct lineages. One is from Peter Worden b. about 1576, who immigrated to America about 1637/38 with his son, Peter II. Peter II had one son, Samuel. He in turn had five sons. This line is now proven, and descendants are endeavoring to break down their brick walls to determine which of the five sons was their direct ancestor. DNA testing is helping to sort this out.

If you are a male Worden direct descendant (or have a male relative whose name is probably still Worden and who will test on your behalf), you too can add the power of DNA testing to your own family research. To enable all of us to learn more about this amazing genealogical tool, a Worden project (including all of the alternate spellings above) is in progress, and you are invited to join.

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