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Y-DNA haplogroup projects

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A Y-DNA haplogroup project collects and collates Y chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results from a specific haplogroup. There are also numerous projects for the various subclades within the major haplogroups. Membership of subclade projects is usually restricted to those who have tested positive for the relevant subclade-defining SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism).

All the large haplogroup projects are hosted by Family Tree DNA. Some haplogroup projects restrict membership to those who have tested at Family Tree DNA. Other projects have external website facilities where they are able to display results from other testing companies.

Third party transfers

Participants in the Genographic Project can transfer their results to FTDNA free of charge and join the relevant haplogroup projects. To transfer results you can use this direct link on the FTDNA website. Alternatively see the instructions on how to transfer Genographic results in the FTDNA FAQs. See also the blog post by Roberta Estes on Transferring Results from National Geographic to Family Tree DNA.

DNA Heritage was acquired by Family Tree DNA in April 2011. DNA Heritage customers can transfer their 25-marker results free of charge to the FTDNA database and can upgrade their results to match the FTDNA 37-marker panel for a nominal sum. Further details can be found in the DNA Heritage FAQs.

In August 2011 FTDNA announced that it would accept transfers from people who had tested with any of the companies that used Sorenson Genomics (AncestryDNA, GeneTree and Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation) on payment of a small fee. Further information on the transfer programme can be found in the Third-party transfers FAQs.

Project administrators are encouraged to convert the external links shown here to wiki pages for their projects.

Y-DNA Haplogroup Projects





Project Name Administrator(s) Members[1] Status
A A A Haplogroup Bonnie Schrack 90 Active
B B B Haplogroup Bonnie Schrack 29 Inactive
C C C Haplogroup Ed Martin and Ray Banks 209 Active
C3 C-M217 C3-M217 Gabit Baimbetov, Nurbol Baimukhan, Zhaxylyk Sabitov 122 Active
D D D Haplogroup Ray Banks 21 Active
E1a E-M132 E1a Project(M33, M132) Mel Currie 79 Active
E1a1 E-M44 E1a1 Project Doug Phelps 44 Active
E1b1a1 E-M2 E1b1a Project (M2) Roberta Estes, Aaron Brown, Janet Crain 373 Active
E1b1b1 E-M35 E-M35 Project Denis Savard, (Victor Villarreal, Elise Friedman) 4395 Active
F F F Haplogroup Garland Boyette 82 Inactive
G G G-Uncategorized or Root Level Project Matt Harbowy 321 Active
G1 G-M285 or M342 G-M342 Alain Verschaeren 240 Active
G2a1 G-Z6552 G-Z6552 Project Alan Berezov and David Gatuti 780 Active
G2a2a G-PF3146/L91 G-PF3146L91 Project Itai Perez 192 Active
G2a2b1 G-M406 G-M406 Project Stephen Asciak 293 Active
G2a2b2a1a G-U1 G-U1 Alain Verschaeren 600 Active
G2a2b2a1b G-L497 G-L497 Rolf Langland, Brian Hamman, Anne M. Berge 1300 Active
G2a2b2a1c G-CTS342/Z274 G-CTS342/Z274 Project Leon Kull 213 Active
G2a2b2b G-PF3359 G-PF3359 Project Ben van Beurden 63 Active
G2b G-M377/PF3115 G-M377/PF3115 Nancy Grossman, Theodore Kandell 566+ Active
H H H Haplogroup 95 Active
I I I Haplogroup Paul Stone 430 Active
I1 I-M253 I1 Haplogroup Steve Trangsrud, Aaron J. Hill, Phil Goff, K. Nordtvedt, S. Teutel, Aaron Salles Torres, Erik Holmlund, Paul Stone, William Hartley, Yme Drost 6569 Active
I1 I-M253 Leigh I1 Haplogroup 14 Active
I1a1 I-Z2336/CTS6364 I-Z2336 (xL22,M227) Eva Sjöqvist Persson, Jakob Norstedt-Moberg, William Archerd, Bo Sundqvist 55 Active
I1a1a I-S4795 I1-S4795 (former L69-project) Kirill Prokopiuk, David W. Howden 345 Active
I1a1b I-L22 I1d Haplogroup( L22 / S142) Yme Drost, Albert Hulse 410 Inactive
I1a1b1 I-P109 I-P109 Charles Thornton, Nicolas Taban 344 Active
I1a1b2 I-L205 I1d2 (L205+) Yme Drost 48 Active
I1a1b4 I-L300 I1-L300 & Subclades Artem Chuprov NEW Active
I1a2, I1a3 I-Z58, I-Z63 I1>Z58+ and I1>Z63+ Aaron Salles Torres, Paul Stone, William Hartley, Wim Penninx, Eufemia Scarfone, Michael McNally 697 Active
I1a2a1a I-Z140 I1 Z140 YDNA Project Alex Shtrunov, William Hartley, Wim Penninx 400 Active
I1a2a1b I-L1301 I1-L1301+ L1302- Jakob Norstedt-Moberg, Aleksandr Seliverstov, Erik Holmlund, Niclas Burenhult, Peter Sjölund, Trond Bækkevold 128 Active
I1a2a1b1a I-L1302 I1-L1302 Peter Sjölund, Aleksandr Seliverstov, Erik Holmlund, Jakob Norstedt-Moberg, Niclas Burenhult 214 Active
I1a2a1d I-L1248 Haplogroup I-L1248 & Subclades Alex Shtrunov, Anthony Rakitin, Jakob Norstedt-Moberg 52 Active
I1a10 I1-Y10633 & Y7282 [1] David W. Howden, David F. Akin, Christopher D. Amaden 36 Active
I1c I-A8100/Z17943 I-A8100 and Subclades Bernard Sécher 14 Active
I2a1 I-P37.2 I2a Y-Haplogroup Bernie Cullen, Zdenko Markovic, Kathleen Ingram, Rachel Unkefer 1550 Active
I2a1b2 I-L161.1 I2a-L161 Robert Gabel 60 Active
I2a2a I-M223 I-M223 Y-Haplogroup Aaron Salles Torres, Wayne Roberts, Scott Engel Stewart 2350 Active
I2a2b I-L38 I2a2b-L38 206 Active
I2*, I2b, I2c I-P215, I-L415, I-L596 I2*, ISOGG new I2b, Bob May, Peter Hrechdakian, Hovann Simonian 213 Active
J J J Haplogroup Gateway Project Bonnie Schrack, Tim Janzen, Chris Rоttеnѕtеіnеr, Victar Mas, Marco Ricci 1900 Active
J1 J-M267 J1 Y-DNA Project Victar Mas, Marco Ricci, Peter Hrechdakian, Vitaly Goldberg, Vincent J Palozzi, Elaine Bush, Roberto Raciti, Wim Penninx 5701 Active
J1b2 d J-L817 J-L817 Clade Vitaly Goldberg, Janet Akaha 243 Active
J1b2b1 J-L222.2 L222.2 dnaarab, adnani_tribes 464? Active
J1-YSC0000076 J-YSC0000076/ Y-Haplogroup J-YSC0000076 Project Bennett Greenspan, Judy Simon, Roberto Raciti, Victar Mas, Mohamed Al Obaidly 768 Active
J2 J-M172 J2-M172 Project Chris Rottensteiner, Kamal Al Gazzah, Robert Sanders, Nader Daou, Flor Veseli, Adrian Heathcote, Hovann Simonian, Hunter Provyn, Nebojsa Novakovic 5428 Active
J2a-M67, former J2a1b J-M67 J2a-M67 Angela Cone, Chris Rottensteiner 431 Not very active
J2a-M319, former J2a1d J-M319 J2a4d M319+ DNA Proj David Langton, Nader Daou, Hamid Haronian 422 Active
J2a-L24, former J2a4h J-L24 J-L24-Y-DNA Alfred Aburto, Debra Katz, Kamal Al Gazzah, Tim Janzen, Jacob Metz 1073 Partly Active
J2a-PF5197 J-PF5197 J2a-PF5197 (J-PF5172, J-YSC0000246) Chris Rottensteiner, Mikhail Arzamanov, Bonnie Schrack, Tim Schrag 412 Active
J2b J-M12, J-M102 J2b-M102+ (Roman Sychev) 431 Inactive
J2b-M241 J-M241 J-M241 Robert Sanders, Flor Veseli, Hunter Provyn, Aamir Dastgir 708 Active
K K-M9 K Haplogroup Gareth Henson 4 Active
L L L Haplogroup Gareth Henson, Peter Hrechdakian 983 Active
N N N Y-DNA Haplogroup Robert Andersen 585 Inactive
N N N North Eurasia Alex Chartorisky, Valikhan Dumshebayev, Vladimir Volkov, Alexey Mukovnikov 286 Active
N1a N-P189.2 N-P189.2 Y-DNA A. J. R. Legits Under Construction
N1b N-L732 N-L732 Y-DNA A. J. R. Legits Under Construction
N1c1 N-Tat N1c1 Y-DNA Eugene Matyushonok, Marja Pirttivaara 940 Active
N1c1a1a1 N-VL29 N-VL29 Y-DNA A. J. R. Legits Under Construction
N1c1a1a2 N-Z1936 N-Z1936 Y-DNA A. J. R. Legits 33 Active
N1c2 N-L666 N-L666 Y-DNA A. J. R. Legits Under construction
O O O...O3 Y-DNA Haplogr Zhaxylyk Sabitov 172 Active
O1+O2 O-F75 O1+O2 Y-DNA haplogroup Youngmin JeongAhn 3 Active
Q Q Q Haplogroup Rebekah Canada and Alessandro Biondo 1100 Active
R* R-M207* R* (M173- M343-) Vincent Vizachero, Doug Holmes 26 Active
R1* R-M173* R1a* Vincent Vizachero 38 Active
R1a R-M420 R1a & all subclades Cyndi Rutledge 3983 Active
R1a1a R-M198 R1a Łukasz Łapiński, Michał Milewski, A.J. Levin, Andrew McEachern, Anne M. Berge, Artur Martyka, Lawrence Mayka, Mariusz Wilkoszewski, Martin Voorwinden, SAUD ABDUL AZIZ, Svein Arnolf Bjørndal, Vladimir Tagankin 6333 Active
R1a1a R-M198 R1a International Y-DNA Project Inactive
R1a1a1b1a3a1 R-L176.1 R1a1a1h Roy Murphy 2 Inactive
R1b ALL R-M343 R1b & ALL Subclades GATEWAY Mike Walsh, Gail Riddell 13746 Active
R1b Basal Subclades R-M343 (xP312 xU106) R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106) Project Atanas Kumbarov, Joe Bork, Mike W, Peter Hrechdakian, Sergey Malyshev 1665 Active
R1b DF100-CTS4528 R-M343 (xP312 xU106) DF100-CTS4528 R1b DF100-CTS4528 Doug Marker 57 Active
R1b1a2 455-8 R-M269 R1b1a 455-8 3 Inactive
R1b1a2 DYS464xQuadC R-M269 464XQuadC 40 Active
R1b1a2a1a1a R-U106 464xcg Rex Bowe 19 Inactive
R1b1a2a1a1a R-U106 R1b-U106 Y-DNA Charles Moore, Dan Draghici, Michael Maddi, Parke Snavely, Raymond Wing, Wayne Kauffman 2350 Active
R1b1a2a1a1a2 R-Z18 R-Z18 Subgroups David Stedman 343 Active
R1b1a2a1a1a3a1b R-P89.2 R1b-P89.2 Gary Blakely 40 Active
R1b1a2a1a1c2a R-U198//S29 R1b-U198/S29 Project John Sloan, Chris Meek, Russell W. Hathway 365 Active
R1b1a2a1a2 R-P312 R1b-P312 (S116) & Subclades Mike Walsh, Robert H., George Ranney, Wim Verelst 2380 Active
R1b1a2a1a2a R-DF27 R1b-DF27 (S250) & Subclades Dick Hulan, Mike Walsh, Stephen Parrish, Alasdair MacDonald 1200 Active
R1b1a1a2a1a2a1b R-Z198 R1b-Z198 & SRY2627 & Subclades Gareth Henson, Lucy Nelson, Stephen Parrish 1070+ Active
R1b1a2a1a2a1b3 R-L165 R1b-L165 (S68) Lori McLeod-Wilke, Alasdair Macdonald, Conrad Terrill, Timothy McLeod 110 Active
R1b1a2a1a2a1b3 R-L165 R1b-L165 (S68) Lori McLeod-Wilke, Alasdair Macdonald, Conrad Terrill, Timothy McLeod 110 Active
R1b1a2a1a2a??? R-FGC20747 R-FGC20747 Project Rachel Unkefer, JB Royal, Wim Penninx 159 Active
R1b1a2a1a2b R-U152-FGC22501 R-U152-FGC22501 Kelly Wheaton, Frederic Verbeeck, Jan Tripp 10 Active
R1b1a2a1a2b1b R-L196 7 Unknown
R1b1a2a1a2c R-L21 R1b-L21 (S145) & Subclades Richard Stevens, David Stedman, Bernard Sécher, Mike Walsh 5619 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c R-L21 R1b-L21 MacWho Janet Parkes 24 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c R-L21 R1b-L21-17-14-10 Robert Hughes 234 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1a1a1 R-M222 R1b-M222 & Subclades David Wilson, Linda McKee and Paul Conroy 1400 Active
R1b1a2? R-PF1169 R1b-PF1169 Paul Conroy 4 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1l R-CTS4466 R1b-CTS4466 Elizabeth O'Donoghue/Ross, Nigel McCarthy, Joseph Carroll, James Kane, John Brazil, Jan Jones, Sharon Kelly, Timothy Carmain, Ronald McRaney 641 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1b R-L513 R1b-L513 (S215/DF1) & Subclades - 11-13 Combo Mike Walsh 830 Active
R1b1a2??? R-Z255 R1b-Z255 & Subclades Neal Downing, Kim Fields 333 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1f R-Z253 R1b-Z253 & Subclades David Pike, David Reynolds, Greg Hockings 177 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1f1 R-L554 R1b-L554 David Pike 8 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1f2a R-L226 R1b-L226 Dennis Wright, Dennis O'Brien 131 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1g R-DF21 R1b-DF21 & Subclades Rory Cain, David R. Moore 700 Active
R1b1a2a1a1b3 R-S424 R-S424 Little Scottish Cluster Alex Williamson, Bob Akin, Steven Colson 239 Active
R1b1a1a2a1a2c1e1b1 R-Z3000/S951 Clan Colla 425 null project Patrick McMahon, Peter Biggins, Josiah McGuire 525 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1i R-DF41 R-DF41 & Subclades Richard Stevens 49 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c2 R-DF63 R1b-DF63 Kai Ove Gran, Robert Allan, Chevalier Terrance Gach MacFarlane 62 Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1e1 R-L159.2, S169.2 R-L21+L69+ Bernard Secher, Thomas Bean Active
R1b1a2a1a2c1k R-L1335 R1b-L1335 & Subclades Robert Hughes 114 Active
R2 R-M479 R2 Haplogroup Cyndi Rutledge 140 Active
T T T Haplogroup Gareth Henson, Peter Hrechdakian 2070 Active

Haplogroup-specific ethnic/geographical group projects

For a list of general geographical DNA projects see the List of geographical DNA projects.





Ethnic/Geographical Group Project Name Administrator(s) Members Status
A A Arab Arabian Haplogroup A 190 Active
E E Jewish Jewish E Elise Friedman 369 Active
E1b/E3b E-M35 Scotland E1b / E3b (E-M35) In Scotland Tom Caulley Active
E1b1 E-P2 Arab E1b1 Arabia 639 Active
E1b1b1b2a E-M123 Arab Arab M123 59 Inactive
G G Arab G Arabia 112 Active
I1 I-M253 Iberian Iberian I1 Aaron Salles Torres 54 Inactive
J1 J-M267 Italy J1 Italy Vincent J Palozzi and Roberto R 4 Active
J1b2 J-P58 Arab ARAB J1e Y-DNA 5 Inactive
J2 J-M172 Middle Eastern J2 Middle East Kamal Al Gazzah, Nader Daou 412 Inactive
J2a1 J-L26 Middle Eastern J2a4 Levant Genetic Match Group Debra Katz 141 Inactive
L L Arab L Arabia Saud Abdul Aziz 33 Inactive
Q Q Jewish Jewish Q Dave Howard 299 Active
Q1a3a1 Q-M3 Native American Q1a3a1-AmerIndian Ana Oquendo Pabón 353 Inactive
R R Arab R-Arabia Aziz. A, Kamal Al Gazzah, Saud Abdul Aziz 326 Inactive
R1a1 R-SRY10831.2 Ashkenazi Ashkenazi Levite R1a1 A. J. Levin, Bennett Greenspan, Leon Kull, Michael Rothenberg 185 Active
R1b R-M343 Eóganacht R1b Eoganacht Septs 128 Inactive
R1b1a2 R-M269 French R1b1a2 R1b French Steve Gilbert 2390 Active
R1b R-M343 Jewish Jewish R1b Sean Silver, Elise Friedman, Itzhak Epstein, Gil Bardige 460 Active
R1b1a2 R-M269 Iberian R1b1a2 Iberian Aaron Salles Torres 368 Active
R1b1a2a1a1b1a1a1a R-M153 Basque R-M153 The Basque Marker Gary Felix 17 Active
R1b1a2a1a1b3 R-L21 Irish R-L21 South Irish 223 Active
T T Arab T-Arab Y DNA Haplogroup 133 Active
T1 T-L206 Middle Eastern GCC Citizens HG T1 Yousef Al Saayed 7 Inactive

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