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Y-DNA tools

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There are a number of Y-DNA tools that can be used to analyse Y-chromosome DNA results including predicton of haplogroups.

Note that this list is provided for information only. Inclusion on this list does not imply recommendation or endorsement by ISOGG.

Y-STR haplotype tools (modals, genetic distance, TMRCA)

The following is a selection of tools that can be used for a set of Y-STR values (DYS etc.) including calculating the time to the most recent common ancestor.

Y-STR haplogroup prediction tools

The accuracy of haplogroup prediction based on Y-STR haplotypes depends mainly on the number of STR-values. Without SNP confirmation prediction for low-resolution haplotpyes (Y-STR12 to Y-STR24) has a low value of confidence and convergence can be a problem. For many haplogroups Y-STR25 to Y-STR37 has an acceptable confidence level while for some young haplogroups with rapid diversification and expansion like in R1b even Y-STR67 is not enough to discriminate the correct sublineage with confidence. A few scientific studies are available. [1] [2] [3]

Y-SNP haplogroup prediction tools

YBrowse - The ISOGG human Y-chromosome browser maintained by Thomas Krahn.

Y-STR and Y-SNP databases

  •, World Y-database with over 160,000 haplotypes, 1015 populations, 33 metapopulations, Sascha Willuweit & Lutz Roewer, 2000-2016
  • A website for haplotype searches (FTDNA, SMGF, etc.), TMRCA calculations, etc
  • Ysearch public haplotype database and searches (mainly FTDNA)
  • Yfiler haplotype database

General Y-DNA tools

Next generation sequencing tools

Further reading

Scientific papers

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