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YSEQ is a company established by Thomas and Astrid Krahn in November 2013 to make traditional Sanger sequencing products for the Y-chromosome available direct to consumer (DTC). The company also offers whole genome sequencing and mtDNA testing.


  • Thomas Krahn, MSc (Dipl.-Ing.), CEO, product development
  • Astrid Krahn, Lab / customer service

Y-DNA testing


YSEQ offers a potentially unlimited menu of single SNPs to order (Wish a SNP). As of March 2016 they charge $17.50 per SNP and offer over 23,000 SNPs with primers, 33 Haplogroup Panels and 72 custom SNP panels .


109 Y-STRs and 4 Y-STR panels can be ordered. Y-GATA-H4 is in the NIST Standard (-1 for FTDNA), DYS442 is in the FTDNA nomenclature [1]:

  • YSEQ-Alpha (18, overlap with the first 18 FTDNA markers) $58
  • YSEQ-Beta (17, overlap with FTDNA markers 19-37) $58
  • YSEQ-Alpha-Beta (37, overlap with FTDNA Y37 markers) $85
  • YSEQ-XTD (DYS464 palindromic panel including DYS464X and DYF399X) $25

Whole genome testing

YSEQ introduced a 30x whole genome test in January 2017 for $899. The test includes an analysis of the genealogically relevant information (Y-SNP and mtDNA analysis). A 23andMe-compatible file of the autosomal alleles is provided. The data is compatible with upload to GEDmatch and other third party tools.

For further information see the product page on the company website.


Contains 2 swabs, each in a pouch containing one brush on a stick. Instructions for collecting DNA samples are included and available online (FAQ section). The brush needs to be dried, which is a simple preservation method. The stick is only for easy sample collection and can be trimmed short for easier sending back of the pouches. The kit weight is very low so the shipping is easy.

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  1. EMail Astrid Krahn, Alpha-Beta STR Y-GATA-H4 DYS442, 13 October 2015