Education Ambassadors

The title of Education Ambassador is conferred on people by the ISOGG Committee who have championed the cause of ISOGG (as defined in our Mission Statement), namely to educate the world about genetic genealogy, and are actively involved in ongoing educational and advocacy activities that further that goal, both nationally and internationally. Advocacy activities include liaising with academia, government and other official bodies on behalf of ISOGG.

Current Ambassadors

Dr Maurice Gleeson MB

Email: [email protected]

Dr Maurice Gleeson MB is an international speaker who produces educational videos on a wide range of topics relating to genetic genealogy. He is the organizer of Genetic Genealogy Ireland (GGI), a series of DNA lectures, at Back to Our Past in Dublin. Besides being the organizer of GGI, Maurice maintains an associated blog and YouTube Channel which provides free educational videos of the GGI presentations. Additionally, he founded the DNA Outreach Network – Ireland which promotes DNA testing in Ireland and helps run the annual DNA workshop at Who Do You Think You Are – Live! in the UK.

Debbie Kennett

Email: [email protected]

Debbie is an author and an international speaker. She writes the highly regarded blog Cruwys News. She co-founded the ISOGG Wiki and has a made a significant contribution to its content. She helps to organise the lecture schedule for the annual DNA Workshop at Who Do You Think You Are? Live! in the UK. She has an honorary position at University College London and works with her academic colleagues to promote the responsible use of DNA testing.