ISOGG Speakers

Contact the following speakers within your region to discuss their availability and terms for genetic genealogy presentations for your genealogical society meetings, lineage society meetings, genealogy fairs, etc.


Who Where Contact
Ugo A. Perego Everywhere Contact


Who Where Contact
Elizabeth Kipp Eastern Ontario Contact
David Pike St. John's, Newfoundland Contact
Jacques Beaugrand Quebec Contact

Britain & Ireland

Who Where Contact
John Blair England Contact
Tyrone Bowes Ireland and Scotland Contact
Ann Marie Coghlan Ireland Contact
Gerard Corcoran Ireland Contact
Maurice Gleeson England and Ireland Contact
Margaret Jordan Ireland Contact
Richard MacGregor Scotland and England, a 300-600 mile radius around Lancashire Contact
Brian P. Swann England and Wales Contact

The Netherlands

Who Where Contact
Yme P.J. Drost Netherlands w/Specialisation: Fluent in Dutch Contact
Justin H. Estourgie Netherlands/Belgium w/Specialisation: France (Auvergne/Limoges) and the Netherlands Contact
Gerrit Woertman Netherlands: Fluent in English and Dutch Contact

United States

New England

Who Where Contact
Blaine Bettinger NYC, Upstate New York and surrounding states Contact
Michael Maglio Boston and surrounding states Contact
Nancy Mason Maine and New Hampshire Contact
Steven Perkins 300 mile radius around New York City Contact


Who Where Contact
Kevin Campbell Washington D.C. Metropolitan area including suburban Virginia and Maryland Contact
Guido Deboeck Washington D.C. Metropolitan area including suburban Virginia and Maryland Specialties: Flemish/Dutch DNA Contact
Lewis Townsend Washington D.C. (May-Nov) Contact
Charles F. Kerchner Jr, Pennsylvania 100 mile radius around Allentown Contact


Who Where Contact
Dewaine Alcorn Nebraska, Lincoln and surrounding region Contact
Jeffrey Bassett Mundelein, Illinois and surrounding region including Chicago and Milwaukee, WI. Contact
Rupert Furgerson 75 mile radius from Madisonville, including Evansville, IN, Nashville & Clarksville, TN and Paducah, KY Contact
Harley Dakin SE Ohio, W. West Virginia Contact
Richard Hill Michigan Contact
Gregory Parker Oklahoma Contact
Dirk Schweitzer Indiana, Michigan, Illinois Specialty: Circu-mediterranean DNA Bilingual: English & German Contact
Sean Silver Ohio Contact
Cole Waite Northern Ohio, Cleveland & Akron Contact
George Valko Louisville, KY and nearby Contact


Who Where Contact
Terry Barton Atlanta, Georgia and northwest Georgia Contact
Allen Blancett Aiken, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia, within 100 mile radius. Contact
David Boyett Tampa Bay, Florida 100 mile radius Contact
Walter J. Freeman, PhD North/Central Georgia including Atlanta, and surrounding regions Contact
Peter J. Roberts Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding region. Contact
Elise Friedman South Florida (Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale) Specialties: Jewish DNA Contact
Ernest Hatton Orlando and Winter Park, Florida Contact
Lewis Townsend Palm Beach Co., FL (Dec-Apr) Contact
Larry Vick Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, FL Contact
Cynthia Wells North Carolina (Charlotte and surrounding region) Contact
Dennis West Knoxville, Tennessee and 100 mile radius Contact
Julia F. Wood New Orleans, LA and 70 mile radius Contact


Who Where Contact
Angel de Cervantes New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Mexico can do a Genetic Genealogy lecture in Spanish Contact
Nancy Davenport Reno, Nevada Contact
Toni Richard Turk Four Corners of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona Contact

Pacific Northwest

Who Where Contact
Emily Aulicino Washington and Oregon Portland and surrounding region as far north as Vancouver, WA Contact
Aaron Hill Salem, Oregon Mid-Willamette Valley Seattle, Washington Metropolitan Area Contact

California - Northern

Who Where Contact
Stephen J. Danko San Francisco Bay Area Contact
Nancy Davenport San Joaquin Valley, as far north as Eureka, as far east as Reno, and as far west as the Coast as far south as Bakersfield. Contact
James L. Rader Greater Sacramento Area Contact

California - Southern

Who Where Contact
Kitty Cooper San Diego Area (Salt Lake City, UT and New York City when available) Contact
Alice Fairhurst San Gabriel Valley and surrounding region including Pomona Valley and San Bernadino Contact
Cheri Mello Long Beach/South Bay area and 200 mile radius Contact
CeCe Moore Orange County and San Diego County Contact
Douglas J. Miller Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding region including Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley Contact
Patrick Tagert South Central Coast and surrounding region including Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo Specialty: British Isles R1b Ancestry Contact
Paul Pettit Riverside and surrounding region Contact


Who Where Contact
Georgia Kinney Bopp Oahu & Neighbor Islands Contact


Who Where Contact
Charles Acree West Texas, Midland, and Odessa Contact
Mic Barnette Texas (Dallas and Ft. Worth and surrounding region) Contact
Michael V. Bassett Texas (Plano) Contact
Max Blankfeld Texas (Houston) Contact
Garland Boyette Texas (Houston) Contact
Carey Bracewell Central Texas, Austin and San Antonio Contact
Jane Buck Texas (Houston) Contact
Brad Larkin Texas Contact
Don Raney Texas (Dallas and Ft. Worth) Contact
Les Sutton Texas (Houston and 200 mile radius around) Contact
Sue Waite-Langley Texas (Dallas and Ft. Worth) Contact

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