Y-DNA Haplogroup H and its Subclades - 2010
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H   M69, M370
�       H*   -
�       H1   M52
�      �       H1*   -
�      �       H1a   M82
�      �       �       H1a*   -
�      �       �       H1a1   M36, M197
�      �       �       H1a2   M97
�      �       �       H1a3   M39, M138
�       H2   Apt
�      �       H2*   -
�      �       H2a   P80, P314
�      �       H2b   P266
�       H3   P254

Y-DNA haplogroup H: The founding mutation for haplogroup H, M69, occurred in a haplogroup F man, probably in the Indian subcontinent The founder of haplogroup H probably lived about 30,000-40,000 years ago. This haplogroup has not yet been studied in a comprehensive manner. Today, nearly all members of haplogroup H live in the Indian subcontinent area. The Roma (also known as Gypsy) people, who apparently originated in India, are the main source of haplogroup H in western Europe.


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