Y-DNA Haplogroup J and its Subclades - 2009
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Because of continuing research, the structure of the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree changes and ISOGG does its best to keep the tree updated with the latest developments in the field. The viewer may observe other versions of the tree on the Web. Email Alice Fairhurst if the differences need clarification.

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J   12f2.1, M304, P209, S6, S34, S35
       J*   -
       J1   M267
             J1*   -
             J1a   M62
             J1b   M365
             J1c   M390
             J1d   P56
             J1e   P58
                    J1e*   -
                    J1e1   M367, M368
                    J1e2   M369
       J2   M172
             J2*   -
             J2a   M410
                    J2a*   -
                    J2a1   (not currently in use by ISOGG)
                    J2a2   M340
                    J2a3   P279
                    J2a4   DYS413≤18, L26/S57, L27   
                          J2a4*   -
                          J2a4a   M47, M322
                          J2a4b   M67/S51
                                 J2a4b*   -
                                 J2a4b1   M92, M260
                                       J2a4b1*   -   
                                       J2a4b1a   M327
                                 J2a4b2   M163, M166
                          J2a4c   M68
                          J2a4d   M319
                          J2a4e   M339
                          J2a4f   M419
                          J2a4g   P81       
                          J2a4h   L24
                                 J2a4h*   -
                                 J2a4h1    L25
                                       J2a4h1*   -   
                                       J2a4h1a    DYS445≤7
                                              J2a4h1a*   -   
                                              J2a4h1a1   L70
                                                    J2a4h1a1   -
                                                    J2a4h1a1a   M137
                                                    J2a4h1a1b   M289   (location under DYS445≤7 uncertain)
                                                    J2a4h1a1c   M318
                                 J2a4h2   M158   (location under L24 uncertain)
             J2b   M12, M102, M221, M314
                    J2b*   -
                    J2b1   M205
                    J2b2   M241
                          J2b2*   -
                          J2b2a   M99
                          J2b2b   M280
                          J2b2c   M321
                          J2b2d   P84
                          J2b2e   DYS455≤9

Caveats for the information from Karafet et al (2008):