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DNA Haplogroups of America's Founding Fathers

Haplogroups are "branches on the tree of early human migrations and genetic evolution and are defined by genetic mutations or "markers" found in Y chromosome and mtDNA testing. These markers link the members of a haplogroup back to the marker's first appearance in the group's most recent common ancestor."1

The haplogroups for America's Founding Fathers have been derived from testing direct descendants or in the cases of Thomas Jefferson and  John Adams, descendants of their same-surnamed relatives. 

Y-Chromosome DNA Haplogroups

Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups

The branches on the above haplogroup trees have been shortened to conserve space.  (Links for more detailed diagrams of Y-haplogroup and mitochondrial trees.) All of the above haplogroups have been confirmed through commercial genetic testing, or in published scientific studies.


Alexander Hamilton - Source: Hamilton Surname DNA Project - Group D
Benjamin Franklin - Source: Benjamin Franklin's DNA
John Adams - Source: Adams Surname Y-DNA Results - Chart
Thomas Jefferson - Source: Comparing yourself to the Jefferson DNA

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