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Chromosome Mapping Tools and Features (Borland Genetics)

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The two primary tools at Borland Genetics for chromosome mapping are the HIR Mapper and Segment Lab. The former is used to automatically create a chromosome map for a phased kit (called a phase map in Borland Genetics terminology) using matches from the site's database, while the latter allows the user to view and edit such a phase map, segment by segment.

Borland Genetics also has three other tools secondary to the chromosome mapping process:

  • Relationship Manager: In the context of a Smart Project, this tool allows a user to select the parental side of a kit's top matches prior to employing the HIR Mapper to create the phase map. Any segments pertaining to a match whose side has been selected in the Relationship Manager will automatically be assigned side accordingly in the phase map.
  • Phase Map Locker: This is where phase maps are stored on the site. There is a full Phase Map Locker accessible from the Tools menu, as well as lockers of limited scope in the Kit Toolbox and on Smart Project screens.
  • Build 36 to Build 37 Conversion Tool: Allows the user to convert a list of Build 36 segments from an old chromosome map to the current standard of Build 37 used in chromosome mapping today. While this tool is accessible as a stand-alone tool from the Tools menu, when a user uploads a DNA Painter chromosome map and indicates that the map uses Build 36 coordinates, the map's segments are automatically converted to Build 37 when and if the map is ever applied using the Extract Segments tool (since the data being extracted from the raw data file uses Build 37 coordinates.)

DNA Painter Compatibility

Both the HIR Mapper and Phase Map Locker allow the user to download a version of their phase maps in a format compatible with DNA Painter to facilitate further editing using that site's robust mapping features.

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