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Getting Help on the ISOGG Wiki

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Need Help? This page will guide and show you where the help resources are located on the ISOGG Wiki. The ISOGG Wiki maintains a complete set of Help pages on this wiki. These 'Help pages' cover everything from basic to advanced editing, wiki navigation, and simple things like how to sign your user name to a discussion page.

Available Resources

The pages found on the Help Portal include details about how to use the Mediawiki software and edit pages. The ISOGG Wiki does not have a standard WYSIWYG(What You See is What You Get) editor. However, the WikiEditor window is very similar to a WYSIWYG editor. You can input text and display it on a wiki page just like a WYSIWYG. To format text (bold, underline, italics), add pictures, create sections, or add links you must use wiki markup.

First, you should download and print the Cheatsheet on 'Wiki markup' as a reference. Actually, the WikiEditor window will help you learn wiki markup as you use it. For example, there are buttons to make text bold, underlined or insert an external or internal(wiki page to page) link. You can find text or find and replace text, plus there is a 'Help' link to a drop down 'Cheatsheet' to show you the common markup codes when it is clicked.

Help pages

Below is a list of selected Help pages everyone new to wikis should read. For a list of all the Help pages available, you can go to the Table of Contents for Help pages or the Help Page Index.

ISOGG guidelines


Advanced editing

User pages


Things to know

Perhaps the best place to start if you have never used a wiki is our:

If you want to test pages before you create them in the main namespace, you can use the user namespace:

Using subpages to your user page is easy, just put 'User:' then 'your username' and the 'name of your subpage' into the search box above and click 'GO' to create it! (e.g. 'User:Your username/My test page 1')

You will then be taken to another page where you will see:
There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or edit this page.

Just click the 'Create' tab next to the search box and start editing!

Learning More

Here is a Wikipedia Video on editing wikis: Wiki editing

More Help Categories


The easiest way to find pages is to type the subject of interest into the Search Box on the top-right of your screen. As you type, a drop-down list of pages will appear. Click on a suggested page to view it or click the very bottom of the list where it says "containing" to view every mention of the search term in the ISOGG Wiki. Many pages have shortcuts so that, for example, if you type in SNP you will automatically be taken to the page for single-nucleotide polymorphism and atDNA will take you to the page for autosomal DNA.

The Contents Page provides a thematic list of all the pages in the ISOGG Wiki. Additionally the Wiki can be searched from the Index, an auto-generated alphabetical list of all the articles in the ISOGG Wiki. Alternatively you can browse the pages by searching the Category Tree.

Help Pages Index

This index is a complete list of all Help Pages found on this wiki.

Help pages undergoing construction

ISOGG Wiki need pages

Page management

Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls

Pages with broken file links

Reader help

Sysop Help pages

Template Help

User functions Help pages

Further Documentation and Suggestions

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