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The contents page provides a thematic list of all the pages in the ISOGG Wiki.

The easiest way to find pages is to type the subject of interest into the Search Box on the top-right of your screen. As you type a drop-down list of pages will appear. Click on a suggested page to view it or click the very bottom of the list where it says containing to view every mention of the search term in the ISOGG Wiki. Abbreviations can also be used as navigation shortcuts so that, for example, if you type in SNP you will automatically be redirected to the page for single-nucleotide polymorphism, NPE will take you to the page for non-paternity event and atDNA will take you to the page for autosomal DNA.

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Genetic genealogy resources

DNA testing companies

Choosing a DNA testing company

DNA testing companies with ISOGG Wiki pages

DNA companies no longer trading

Chip manufacturers

Ancient DNA

Autosomal DNA


Autosomal STRs

Autosomal DNA tests

Autosomal DNA Projects

What to do with your autosomal DNA results

Technical terms

Donor conception

Famous DNA

Forensic DNA

Mitochondrial DNA


Mitochondrial DNA haplogroup projects

Technical terms

X-chromosome DNA

Y-chromosome DNA


Surname DNA projects

How to join an FTDNA project
Surname DNA projects
Surname mapping
One-name study
Guild of One-Name Studies
Y-DNA project help

Y-DNA haplogroups

Technical terms

Y-DNA haplogroups

DNA projects


Geographical DNA projects

Geographical DNA projects

Haplogroup projects

Miscellaneous DNA projects

Project administration

Academic research projects

Personal genomics

Genealogy information and resources


Family history and genealogical societies

Genealogy resources by country

Genealogy resources by country


History of genetic genealogy


ISOGG regional pages





Special pages

Official documentation

Deprecated pages

These pages have been superseded by the Autosomal DNA testing comparison chart and are no longer updated but are retained for historical interest: