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DNA Solutions is a DNA testing organization created by biotechnologist Vern Muir in 1996, and incorporated in 1998. DNA Solutions created the 'home paternity kit' in 1997, which was a new concept where people for the first time could take samples for DNA testing at home, instead of in the laboratory. Originally the kits worked by people taking a hair sample, and posting iti to the laboratory for testing. The kit was first reported in the Australian Newspaper "The Herald" in 1998.

These home testing kits have since revolutionized DNA testing, and the industry has subsequently adopted DNA Solutions' terminology of using "home kit" and "home paternity kit" a term now used by virtually all DNA testing companies and laboratories for the "use at home" DNA testing services.

This new type of DNA testing lead to a great deal of controversy, especially in the year 2000, when Vice President of the Australian Medical Association issued a press releasing calling for a ban of DNA Solution's services due to issues of privacy and consent.[1] News of the new tests, and their availability online spread world-wide[2][3]

Over the next decade while DNA testing kits were being adopted by most DNA laboratories, DNA Solutions spread its services to such countries as Russia, France and China.[4][5]

In 2007, DNA Solutions profiled 800 elephant dung samples from the jungles of Cambodia in order to calculate the number of wild elephants remaining in the wild.[6]

In 2008, DNA Solutions won the tender to store DNA samples for the Australian Military and at the same time launched a service to store DNA samples for the public.[7]

DNA testing

DNA Solutions provides Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA tests) for the determination of ancestral origins on the paternal and maternal lines. The company also offers analysis of autosomal DNA short tandem repeats (STRs) used for DNA profiling, paternity testing and other biological relationship tests, such as sibling tests. The company does not provide any project management facilities for surname, geographical or haplogroup projects.


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