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ISOGG member peer review

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We are recruiting ISOGG members to perform a "peer review" for those members who would like to have their DNA project website critiqued. To assist in peer review or request your site to be critiqued, please e-mail .

Members are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. All reviewers are to remain ANONYMOUS.

2. Read through the entire website to catch any spelling/pricing/information errors.

3. The ISOGG Info Template may be used as a "checklist" for website content.

4. Constructive criticism only! For example: If a font is too small making it difficult to read, or maybe a color scheme makes a font hard to read, then mention it, but if you don't care for the webpage graphics and theme, that's a personal opinion.

5. Know that the person who is seeking the critique of their site is NOT bound or required to make any/or all, of the of the recommended changes. DO NOT take any inactions on their part personally. Some recommendations may borderline between critique and opinion.

6. If you volunteer to be reviewer, please try to perform the review within a timely manner of the timestamp on the review request e-mail.

7. Once the reviews are received, they will be compiled into an e-mail and sent to the requester.

8. The ISOGG Peer Review graphic is sent to the owners of all reviewed websites, to identify that their website has been peer reviewed.

Thanks in advance for participating!

Peer Review Testimonials

"Just wanted to comment about the terrific peer review that I received. I received it very timely. The observations I received from the reviewer were informative and of substance. I made most of the changes or additions recommended, and feel that I have upgraded the site through this process. Thanks for offering the peer review. It has been beneficial." - Rec'vd 2 May 2005

"Just a quick email to say thanks very much for the ISOGG website Peer Review. It is an invaluable process. Please pass on my thanks to the reviewers. Please mention that I will definitely be implementing their excellent recommendations and thank them very much for their time and effort." - Rec'vd 3 May 2005

"BTW really nice use of our cookie cutter web site." (Comment by Bennett Greenspan e-mailed to an Admin utilizing FTDNA's free one page project website AFTER the site had been ISOGG Peer Reviewed. This quote has been used with permission.) - Rec'vd 10 May 2005

"I plan on starting on the suggested improvements very soon. The comments were very informative and once implemented will improve my site considerably. I believe the improvements will help me attract more participants. The peer review program was a great idea." - Rec'vd 18 Jul 2005

"Thank you so very much. I am in the process of implementing changes to my website recommended by your peer review. ISOGG's DNA Project Website Peer Review is constructive and very informative." - Rec'vd 24 Jul 2005

"We have just received the ISOGG DNA Project Website Peer Review of the Ewing Surname Y-DNA Project website. The reviewer obviously did a thorough job of looking through the website, and even seems to have read some of the DNA Articles from the Journal of Clan Ewing that are posted there. We appreciate that the reviewer recognized the amount of work we have done and was complementary of the results, of course, but we were especially happy to get concrete, detailed suggestions for improvements. It was definitely worthwhile for us to have this review done, and we recommend it highly. Thank you, ISOGG!" - Rec'vd 11 Nov 2007

"Thank you for the peer review. I appreciate the opportunity afforded by ISOGG to have an objective opinion of the project web site. All of the recommendations were thoughtful and helped make the website more useful for participants." - Rec'vd 6 May 2009

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