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Lewis Surname DNA Project

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Lewis Surname DNA Testing

Started in 2003 by John Lewis and Bob Ford and assumed by Janet Lewis Crain in 2005, the Lewis Surname Y Chromosome DNA Project is in the top 20 surname projects at Family Tree DNA. Only males carry the Y chromosome; therefore a Surname DNA project is an excellent way to trace surnames. Due to the fact that the Lewis surname encompasses the English and Welsh Lewis lines, as well as the French Louis lines and some German and Jewish surnames shortened to Lewis, a wide geographic area is represented. Many persons bearing these surnames are now found in Australia, Canada and the United States.

Haplogroups found in the project

Some 42% of the participants in the Family Tree DNA Lewis Surname Project carry the R1b haplogroup which certainly bears witness to their British Isles and Germanic origin. Another 12% are I1, while the rest are divided into small groups of E1b1a, E1b1b1, E1b1b1a1, F, G, G2a, I, I2, I2a, I2b1, I2b1a, J13cd2, and J2. The Lewis DNA Project divides its participants by matches. Family members and close matches are grouped. Non matching participants are in a no match group until such time as a match or matches occur. They are then moved to the appropriate group. Adoptees and others have found their true ancestry using this genealogical DNA test.


Y Chromosome Results

Y chromosome DNA test

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