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Profile Smart Search

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Profile Smart Search is a tool that is included in 23andMe's Personal Genome Service. It can be accessed from Ancestry Labs in the 23andMe user interface. This tool uses the "About Me" portion of your public profile to look for interesting words (e.g. surnames, locations, haplogroups) that you share in common with other users who have also made their profile public. When using this feature, for best results, it is important to remember to:

1. Update the "About Me" section of your profile with surnames, locations, haplogroups, etc.

2. Be specific to get more relevant results (Example: list cities in addition to countries)

3. Capitalize the words you want included in the search. Uncapitalized words are ignored.

Profile Smart Search only considers public profiles. Use of this labs requires the user's profile to be made public and the results shown are limited to public profiles.