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Visual Phasing Event Planner Stages (Borland Genetics)

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The Visual Phasing Event Planner is a component of a Borland Genetics Visual Phasing Smart Project. The Creeper engages this tool at two distinct stages: first during the parent reconstruction and later at the grandparent reconstruction.

In these stages, the Event Planner creates a specific workflow design to assemble the parent and grandparent output kits. This is based on the data the user provided in the earlier steps of the visual phasing workflow. Within the Borland Genetics approach to DNA reconstruction, the Event Planner handles the extraction and merger tasks. These tasks are executed after the phasing and mapping steps at both the parent and grandparent reconstruction stages.

The Event Planner works by generating and executing a multi-step script in the Borland Genetics environment. This script is responsible for extracting and merging data from the phased kits that were mapped in the preceding workflow steps. As a result of the parent reconstruction phase, users receive a set of reconstructed parent kits. Similarly, after the grandparent reconstruction phase, the outcome is a collection of reconstructed grandparent kits. These are all relative to the original sibling donors.

Considering the comprehensive nature of the tasks, part of the script operates on the Borland Genetics server. To ensure server processes are not disrupted and to make the process more user-friendly, the scripts are designed to run in a timed loop. If the predicted execution time for an upcoming step exceeds 15 minutes since the user’s last interaction, the script will pause. Users can then choose to either continue the operation immediately or postpone execution until a time more convenient. If they choose to postpone, they can resume the process at any time using the Creeper’s "continue" button on the project screen.

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