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Visual Phasing Relationship Manager Initiation Stage (Borland Genetics)

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The Relationship Manager Initiation process is an integral part of the Borland Genetics Visual Phasing Smart Project workflow. This series of stages is designed to assist users in establishing the fundamental relationships between DNA donors and their shared parents and grandparents.

Here's a breakdown of how this segment of the workflow operates:

1. The system first checks if the lead sibling donor in the project has a linked mother. If not:

  • The Creeper examines the database for a factory kit that might belong to a potential mother among the sibling's DNA matches. This determination is based on shared cM amount and age.
  • The user is then presented with a decision prompt: they can either confirm the identified potential mother or dismiss the suggestion.
  • If the user dismisses the potential mother or if no suitable donor is located, they are prompted to create an empty profile representing the mother.

2. A similar process is repeated to identify and establish the father of the sibling donors. Any parental selection is propagated to each sibling donor in the project.

3. Transitioning the focus to grandparents, the user is required to create distinct profiles for each of the siblings' four grandparents if they aren't already linked in the system.

Upon completion of these stages, the user will have all the necessary relationships for the sibling donors accurately identified and connected.

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