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Free DNA tests/Allen Guild International DNA Project

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FREE yDNA 12 marker tests MAY be made available to any males carrying the Allen surname and have an earliest male Allen ancestor from England proper and who are willing to join the project, agree to a consent form for research purposes, and participate in the testing. A limit of one test per immediate family member is enforced. The Allen Project must be contacted and in agreement prior to any ordering taking place. Additionally, The Allen DNA Project is setting aside a specific Sub-group within the Project with a full commitment of assistance from Allen Project Co-Administrator Dr. Eric Allen who will be overseeing this specific International Sub-group.

Name Variations

Allen, Allan, Allin, Allyn


Dr. Diane Click: [email protected] Mr. Chris Allen: [email protected] Dr. Eric Allen: [email protected] Mr. Greg Allen: [email protected]

The Allen DNA Project is partnering with the Allen Guild of One Name Studies in an exciting new Research Endeavor. The Allen DNA Project is a USA based group, but is very interested in expanding our membership to a world-wide audience by actively seeking out Allens from England. Additionally, any spelling variation of the Allen surname is welcome: Allan, Allyn, Allin, etc.