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The Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project is willing to supply a free basic 12 marker Y-DNA test kit to a qualified living male Carpenter or Zimmerman with a biological ancestry of Carpenter, Zimmerman or similar surname ancestry in England or Continental Europe with genealogy into or earlier than the 1700s. Specifically we are looking for Carpenter/Zimmerman lines not covered by the lineages on our lineage page here. Those interested in Y-DNA testing should submit their genealogy/pedigree for review.

Males with a Carpenter or similar surname attending European Who Do You Think You Are and similar Genealogy Programs with an ISOOG member present can also qualify for free basic 12 marker Y-DNA test if they are willing to supply a current email, extended genealogy and participate in the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project.

Name Variations

Carpenter, Carpentier, Charpentier and similar variations.
Zimmerman, Timmerman, Simmerman and similar variations.

2022 Update

The Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project has some 40 organized genetic groups, one semi-organized by Haplogroup (R-M269 & descendant sub-types) and one catch all group. The later two groups have no genetic matches. Those with a Carpenter/Zimmerman or closely related surname are encouraged to join this surname Project.

Group funds are available for many of the organized genetic groups to encourage Y-DNA testing. Some groups have discounts on Y-DNA testing and other groups provide a free Y-DNA test. Please contact the Project administrator John R. Carpenter for further information.


Send genealogy/pedigree or questions to: John R. Carpenter. ([email protected])
See also our Carpenter Cousins main web page.

Why Y-DNA test?

Introduction to DNA testing - Good charts here.

A quick summary follows.
Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) – passed from father to son virtually unchanged. It is excellent for surname studies.
Autosomal DNA (atDNA) – This is DNA you get from both parents and they in turn get it from their parents. It is excellent for immediate family and close cousins. It is not so great for more distant cousins. It is considered by many as a short range DNA test compared to Y-DNA and mtDNA tests.