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Genealogical society projects

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A genealogical society project is a project set up by a genealogical society in affiliation with a DNA testing company. To date all such projects are affiliated with Family Tree DNA. The society has a project page on the FTDNA website. Society members can order kits through the project and the society receives a small commission on the sale, though no fee is received for Family Finder tests.

Genealogical society projects can be particularly useful for females who wish to order a DNA test, and for males for whom no surname project currently exists. By ordering through the society they receive help from an experienced project administrator who can help them with their results and encourage them to join other relevant projects as necessary. Some people who have tested with society projects have gone on to become administrators of their own projects.

The scheme also benefits the society who make a small income from the sales, and helps to promote interest in genetic genealogy within the society.

Genealogical Society DNA Projects


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