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Kemp DNA Project

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Camp/Kemp DNA Project
Andrew Kemp
John Cleary
Camp/Kemp DNA Project
Additional Project Information
DNA type(s) used Y-DNA, mtDNA
Founded Oct 2011
Project size over 200
Surname variations Camp, Kemp, Kempe, Kempf, Kemps, Kimp etc
Geographic areas Worldwide
Predominant haplogroup R1a haplogroup

The Camp/Kemp DNA Project at Family Tree DNA was established in October 2011.

The project is global in scope and has participants from each of Australia, Canada, England, Ireland and the USA.

The largest genetic cluster within the project belongs to the R1a haplogroup. Other haplogroups that have been encountered include E1b1a, G, I, J1, J2, Q, R1b and T.

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