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Kennedy surname DNA project

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Kennedy DNA project
Iain Kennedy
Additional Project Information
Founded January 2006
Project size over 50
Notes The project is primarily based at AncestryDNA (, although the results are compatible with the (once) free SMGF project.

The Kennedy (surname) DNA project was created in January 2006 by Iain Kennedy of Glasgow. The project was designed to run alongside the newly created Kennedy one-name study and like the latter, to concentrate on core families in the countries of origin. From this base the project could then expand to study emigrant lines which would then be able to quickly slot in to their place in the overall tree.

The Kennedy surname originated in several different locations in Ireland and Scotland and these are therefore the countries which have been most concentrated on.

The project uses genetic data from the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation in the United States for STR tests and Ethnoancestry in Edinburgh for SNP testing. It is primarily hosted at AncestryDNA but also accepts results from SMGF. Results from other vendors are of less use due to lack of overlap in markers.

The project home page can be found here.