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A Leah-O-Gram is a report conceived by genetic genealogist Leah Larkin, which displays descendants of a focus ancestor alongside chromosome browser graphics indicating which segments the descendants inherited from the ancestor. The report tracks segments through generations. The report was implemented as a feature in the Borland Genetics Web Tools and Database as part of the site's 2021 Rolling Spring Features Release. On the Borland Genetics site, the chromosome browser images are rendered using the site's Profile to Profile Chromosome Browser and is generated by comparing factory or synthetic DNA resources.


The concept for the tool was laid out by Larkin in the "DNA Roundtable" Facebook group in spring, 2021. The tool first appeared on the Borland Genetics site during the 2021 Rolling Spring Features Release.

Tool Attributes

Category: Family Tree

Access: Subscription


Location on site: Advanced Family Tree Reports button in the Profile Toolbox, accessed from the Profile Settings and Tools screen