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Creating this here to look it over before committing to the page.

Added this comment TomHutchison (talk) 22:19, 17 November 2016 (EST) Might be a lost cause. ybrowse doesn't contain linking to GeneBank, at not that I can confirm.

YBrowse - The ISOGG human Y-chromosome browser maintained by Thomas Krahn.

How to match rs# to a SNP

  1. Open Family Tree DNA's Y-Chromosome Browser:
  2. Example: Enter M253 as the landmark and Click search → In the "Details" section the rs9341296 appears directly over M253Click on rs9341296
    Example profile
    Name: rs9341296
    Type: snp
    Source: dbsnp
    Position: ChrY:13532101..13532101 (+ strand)
    Length: 1
    FxnClass: intron
    alleles: C/T
  3. Click on rs9341296 → it will take you to the dbSNP database at GenBank