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FTDNA upgrade prices

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The following tables show the Family Tree DNA upgrade prices for Y chromosome DNA tests and mitochondrial DNA tests.

Please note that on 6 January 2020, FTDNA changed their available DNA kits and lowered prices for some kits. Prices do not include shipping and handling.Prices are in US dollars.

They continue the Y-DNA 37 marker (Y37) as a starter test along with the Y-DNA 111 marker (Y-111) but have eliminated the starter kits Y12, Y25, & Y67. Existing kits can be upgraded as always.

Single Product DNA kits

Test New Price Old Price Comments
Y-12 no longer available Available only as a special Group Administrator purchase or via FTDNA Groups
Y-25 no longer available
Y-37 $119 $169
Y-67 no longer available
Y-111 $249 $359
Family Finder $79 $79 Autosomal DNA (atDNA) test
Big Y-700 $449 $649 Advanced Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) test
FMS $159 $199 Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) - Full sequence test

Y-DNA upgrade prices

Upgrades from 12 markers Price
12-25 markers no longer available
12-37 markers $79
12-67 markers $149
12-111 markers $199
12 markers to BigY $399
Upgrades from 25 markers Price
25-37 markers $49
25-67 markers $119
25-111 markers $189
25 markers to BigY $389
Upgrades from 37 markers Price
37-67 markers $89
37-111 markers $139
37 markers to BigY $339
Upgrades from 67 markers Price
67-111 markers $89
67 markers to BigY $279

mtDNA upgrade prices

Upgrade Price
mtDNA to mtDNAPlus no longer available
mtDNA to full mitochondrial sequence (FMS) $119
mtDNAPlus to full mitochondrial sequence (FMS) $119

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