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The FT SNP index lists Big Y-700 SNPs that have been named by Family Tree DNA as they have been considered for inclusion to the Y chromosome haplotree.

SNP Position (hg38) Mutation
FTE1 2957058 A to T
FTE2 2982173 A to G
FTE3 6934189 A to G
FTE4 6970937 T to C
FTE5 7060354 C to G
FTE6 7281768 T to A
FTE7 7284553 T to G
FTE8 7300491 T to G
FTE9 7369295 T to C
FTE10 7378066 C to G
FTE11 7650621 G to T
FTE12 7678159 G to T
FTE13 7745142 T to C
FTE14 7872489 A to G
FTE15 7927483 A to T
FTE16 7981914 G to C
FTE17 8130121 C to G
FTE18 8331468 A to C
FTE19 8399075 T to G
FTE20 8698318 A to G
FTE21 8705142 A to G
FTE22 8736725 T to G
FTE23 9045117 T to A
FTE24 11885633 T to A
FTE25 12028423 A to T
FTE26 12547170 T to A
FTE27 13083946 C to G
FTE28 13367470 T to C
FTE29 13905906 T to G
FTE30 14246200 T to A
FTE31 14538008 T to C
FTE32 15071186 T to G
FTE33 15423490 T to G
FTE34 15472108 A to G
FTE35 15547304 T to C
FTE36 16546609 A to G
FTE37 16780920 C to A
FTE38 16847193 G to A
FTE39 17088243 T to C
FTE40 17161196 T to C
FTE41 18656028 C to G
FTE42 18901703 C to A
FTE43 19083185 A to G
FTE44 19099006 A to C
FTE45 19099886 C to G
FTE46 19100224 T to C
FTE47 19276537 A to T
FTE48 19369109 A to T
FTE49 19380100 T to G
FTE50 19434935 A to C
FTE51 19444185 G to A
FTE52 19463294 A to C
FTE53 19623719 G to A
FTE54 19847155 A to C
FTE55 20373177 C to A
FTE56 20445054 T to C
FTE57 20607456 T to G
FTE58 20716881 T to C
FTE59 20806824 A to G
FTE60 20985697 A to G
FTE61 21000607 T to C
FTE62 21127723 A to C
FTE63 21300747 T to G
FTE64 21824077 T to C
FTE65 22297603 G to C
FTE66 26388370 G to T
FTE67 26566847 T to G
FTE68 7449256 C to T
FTE69 8639360 T to C
FTE70 8765724 G to T
FTE71 9154860 G to A
FTE72 11846217 T to C
FTE73 12012204 G to A
FTE74 14127013 T to C
FTE75 14256473 C to T
FTE76 16275680 A to G
FTE77 16630301 C to A
FTE78 16710436 T to C
FTE79 16900922 A to C
FTE80 19580884 A to G
FTE81 19698853 T to G
FTE82 19799061 G to A
FTE83 19947777 A to G
FTE84 21130833 G to A
FTE85 21435308 A to G
FTE86 22227689 C to T
FTE87 12196884 G to A
FTE88 13154941 A to G
FTE89 15285924 G to A
FTE90 16634025 G to A
FTE91 19700505 G to A
FTE92 20895845 C to T
FTE93 7822216 G to A
FTE94 7881444 G to A
FTE95 12125683 G to A
FTE96 15103595 G to A
FTE97 15653766 C to T
FTE98 16012939 G to A
FTE99 16474159 C to T
FTE100 16839822 A to G
FTE101 16865631 G to A
FTE102 16984529 C to T
FTE103 17197785 G to A
FTE104 21154358 C to T
FTE105 21452755 G to A
FTE106 21647620 G to A
FTE107 12465894 C to T
FTE108 13826049 C to T
FTE109 14130359 G to A
FTE110 16118823 C to A
FTE111 21816597 C to T
FTE112 7305795 G to A
FTE113 18930354 G to A
FTE114 19189684 G to A
FTE115 20046760 C to T
FTE116 6832875 C to T
FTE117 21306581 C to T
FTE118 2806612 G to A
FTE119 7393716 C to T
FTE120 15136110 G to A
FTE121 9604602 C to A
FTE122 3166941 C to T
FTE123 3321976 G to C
FTE124 3448314 T to C
FTE125 3911803 T to C
FTE126 4009918 C to G
FTE127 4083362 G to C
FTE128 4380572 C to T
FTE129 4665813 A to G
FTE130 4743163 A to C
FTE131 4880570 T to C
FTE132 5211504 A to G
FTE133 5270687 C to T
FTE134 5299124 G to T
FTE135 5313171 C to T
FTE136 5400267 A to G
FTE137 5613170 C to G
FTE138 6602713 T to C
FTE139 6609276 A to G
FTE140 9895450 A to T
FTE141 11441649 C to G
FTE142 11482951 C to G
FTE143 20266707 G to T
FTE144 20268035 A to G
FTE145 20297175 C to G
FTE146 20308733 G to C
FTE147 22211309 A to C
FTE148 22784307 T to G
FTE149 22899555 G to A
FTE150 24491532 G to A
FTE151 3137392 G to T
FTE152 3593840 A to G
FTE153 3723857 T to A
FTE154 4197285 T to C
FTE155 5768714 G to A
FTE156 5984131 G to T
FTE157 20136237 C to T
FTE158 20267992 C to A
FTE159 20283734 A to G
FTE160 5287825 T to C
FTE161 6029752 T to C
FTE162 11102966 G to A
FTE163 11392238 T to G
FTE164 22343800 T to A
FTE165 3689386 T to A
FTE166 5231708 C to A
FTE167 11189311 A to G
FTE168 20313451 G to C
FTE169 3691658 A to G
FTE170 5068500 G to T
FTE171 5298945 G to A
FTE172 20344871 G to A
FTE173 6712030 T to C