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"" is a not-for-profit website run by Danish geneticists. The site offers a full imputation of data from most major DNA-data providers, as well as trait reports for all common diseases and traits. A key goal of the web-site is to educate users in cutting-edge genetics research, meaning that there is more emphasis on full polygenic risk-score calculation and primary literature reference than on outdated single-SNP analysis. However, full data on imputed individual-SNPs is also downloadable.

The code running the website and its calculations are open-source, and there is strong privacy protection policy - including deletion of the genome-wide data 14 days after the completion of analysis.

In addition to the polygenic risk score calculators (UK-biobank and GWAS module), several experimental modules are continuously being updated. These include alternative ancestry-PCA-calculations, legacy 23andme-rare SNP investigation (also from other data providers), as well as some modules experimenting with user-feedback compared with genetic scores.

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