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Support and information for donor-conceived people

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This page provides some useful contacts and resources to provide support and information for donor-conceived people.

The information is written from a UK perspective for donor-conceived people although many of the sites mentioned have global origins and reach. The inclusion of these sites does not mean that they come with any endorsement per se but especially those in the first section below are ones that some donor-conceived people in the UK have found useful.

Self-help and peer support groups for donor-conceived people

If you are looking for information and support from other donor-conceived people who will understand how you are feeling you may find the list below helpful. There are two types of support you can seek: professional support and support from within the donor-conceived community. Whilst some people find some professional support useful, many people prefer to obtain their support from within the donor-conceived community itself and some make use of both.

There are a number of websites and Facebook groups run by donor-conceived people for donor-conceived people which attract a global membership. Those detailed below have numerous links to other national donor-conceived websites and groups which have been set up by people who were conceived at specific clinics. They include stories from donor-conceived people, further information on how to search for your biological parent, links to blogs by DC people, documentaries, films and podcasts about and by DC people and the third-party reproductive industry and finally links to radio programmes, books, newspaper articles and academic papers related to donor conception/third-party reproduction.


  • Anonymous Us A website set up by Alana Newman where donor-conceived people, donors, and parents can tell their stories and express their opinions safely in anonymity.
  • Donor A free registry for donor-conceived people (and donors) and a social network for DC people set up by DC adult Matt Doran in 2013. There is also an associated Donor Children Facebook page.
  • We are Donor Conceived Set up by Erin Jackson in 2016 as a global resource centre for donor-conceived people. She also set up the Facebook group of the same name detailed below.

Facebook groups

There are a number of closed, supportive Facebook groups run by donor-conceived people specifically for donor-conceived people only. Other groups also exist which include parents and donors too. Be aware that by their nature, Facebook groups for donor-conceived people alone differ in atmosphere to those which also include parents and donors.

DNA help group

  • DNA for the Donor Conceived A closed Facebook group especially for guidance in using commercial DNA tests and genealogy to locate biological family for individuals who are donor-conceived and for donors searching for their biological children. Note that this group does not accept posts about using DNA registries such as the Donor Conceived Register. This is a subgroup of the Facebook group DNA Detectives.

Donor-conceived only support groups

  • We are Donor Conceived A closed Facebook support group for donor-conceived people. The brainchild of American donor-conceived person Erin Jackson in 2016.
  • Worldwide Donor Conceived People Network A closed Facebook support group for donor-conceived people and those born of surrogacy. Set up by Australian donor-conceived person Damian Adams

Mixed group

Professional and other support for donor-conceived people

  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy A directory of registered counsellors and psychotherapists.
  • Counselling Directory a database of UK counsellors and psychotherapists.
  • Donor Conceived Register A UK-based voluntary register for anyone who was conceived or who donated prior to 1st August 1991. Uses DNA testing for establishing the probability of you being related to anyone else on the register. Registration is free as are time-limited professional support and intermediary services but there is a charge for the DNA test. Tel: 0151 702 4339. Email:
  • Donor Conception Network An organisation supporting donor conception families which offers free membership for donor-conceived adults: Tel: 020 7278 2608. Email: .
  • Donor Sibling Registry A US-based international voluntary register for anyone seeking donor-related relatives. There is a registration fee. Especially useful for anyone conceived in the US who has their donor’s ‘code number’ but not restricted to that. Also check out the following book based on their experiences: Wendy Kramer and Naomi Cahn (2013) Finding our Families – A First-of-its-Kind Book for Donor-Conceived People and Their Families, New York, Penguin
  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) The UK regulator for all licensed donor conception treatments in the UK from 1st August 1991. It holds the HFEA Register of Information. Enquiries are free as are time-limited professional support and intermediary services. Tel: 020 7291 8200. Email:

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