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A 23andMe project can consist of results for Autosomal DNA, the X chromosome, the Y chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA. 23andMe projects have been set up to research specific lineages, locate DNA cousins, analyze ethnicity or to investigate the inheritance pattern of a disease or trait.

Ancestry projects

  • Anabaptist genealogy project A project to investigate the genetic genealogy of the Amish, Brethren, Mennonite, and Reformed Groups in the USA. To participate, email your raw data to: .
  • Jim McMillan's DNA Cousins project A project to find DNA cousins at 23andMe that was begun before the release of Relative Finder. More information can be found here (must be logged in to 23andMe). To participate, email your raw data file to: .
  • Leon Kull's HIR Search project A project to find HIRs (half-identical regions) using participants' raw data from 23andMe, DeCODE genetics and FTDNA's Family Finder. HIR Search compares your genome data against another person's genome to find areas where half or more base pairs match. These regions are markers of common ancestry. To participate, email your raw data to: .
  • Vick and Allied Families DNA project A project for the descendants of Joseph Vick and allied families. Joseph first appeared in Virginia, USA, records in the 1670s. To participate e-mail Larry Vick, .
  • Descendants of Johann Theobald Jung (David Young) A study of the genetic relationships of the descendants and extended family of Johann Theobald Jung (David Young), born 1691 Dunzweiler, Palatinate, Germany, died 1763 Canajoharie, New York. His wife was Maria Catharine Snyder. Participants include those who are from 1st to 7th cousins to each other.
  • Harappa Ancestry Project A project to analyze (autosomal) genetic data of participants of South Asian origin. The project is currently only accepting raw data from 23andMe testees.
  • Child survivors of the Holocaust A project run by Identifinders International in collaboration with 23andMe and

Geographical projects

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