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Options to discover the most terminal (recent) paternal haplogroup

As of July 2015:

  1. Comprehensive NextGenSequencing of the Y-chromosome currently is able to map ca. 23-42% of the Y-DNA (59 million base pairs) and delivers information from the most reliable DNA locations available for the paternal lineage:
    1. FGC Y-Elite 2.0 (ca. 2700 Y-SNPs, $750, Full mtDNA included, SNP, Haplogroup, STR and mtDNA analysis included, best available test)
    2. FTDNA BigY (ca. 2000 Y-SNPs, $575).
    3. Additional data analysis by YFull ($49, informative Novel SNPs, YTree placement, Haplogroup age estimates, ca. 400 Y-STR Markers). Especially for BigY needed to get a good value of the data.
  2. SNP Panel tests: YSEQ (J2 $88) and at FTDNA (ca. $110).
  3. Single SNP testing: YSEQ (J2 $17.5), some SNPs also available at FTDNA ($39)

For Option 2. and 3. consult with independent haplogroup researchers if the relevant SNP/s are included and available. Option 1. will give good results for the next years.

Confirmation of same biological Y-DNA for surnames

As of July 2015:

  1. YSEQ-Alpha (Y-STR18) $58 or YSEQ-Alpha-Beta (Y-STR37) $85
  2. FTDNA Y-STR12 $59 or Y-STR25 $109