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DNA testing for adoptees

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This page provides information and resources on DNA testing for adoptees.

ISOGG highly recommends that adoptees, orphans, donor conceived individuals and others with sensitive matters work with experienced search organizations prior to making contact with biological families.



  • DNA Detectives Facebook group The largest gathering of individuals of unknown parentage using DNA results to identify biological family
  • DNA Adoption
  • Dick Hill's DNA Testing Advisor website
  • DNA success stories A compilation provided by Louise Coakley which includes many adoption stories
  • Child Migrants Trust A specialist service for all Britain's former child migrants and their families in Canada, New Zealand, the former Rhodesia and Australia
  • GI Trace An organisation set up to help people in Germany, Austria, the UK and elsewhere trace their American GI fathers
  • Adoption Database Registry An international database listing "adoptees, birth mothers, birth fathers, birth siblings, other birth family and adoptive family members in the process of searching for a family member".






  • Plan Angel A voluntary organisation which helps to bring families together.






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Mailing lists

  • DNA Adoption A new Yahoo group started in May 2013 by a team of experienced search angels for adoptees and anyone else utilizing DNA to discover unknown heritage or search for close biological family. This is a very busy list.
  • AdoptionDNA Yahoo group for adoptees, parents and siblings to talk about their DNA Results. This is no longer a very active list as many of the contributors and experts have moved to the DNAAdoption list (see above). It often has an emphasis on the politics of adoption in the US
  • AdoptionDNA Tools Yahoo group focused on developing tools to extract useful data from the databases. If you are an adoptee looking for help, you should join the DNA Adoption group at the top of this list. The same experts in this group are also in the DNA Adoption group.
  • Soaring Angels. An adoption search group.
  • Unknown father DNA group A Yahoo group started by Cheryl Whittle. This group is for those searching for the identity of a biological father through DNA testing. Advice, specific testing plans, interpretation assistance and support are offered. (This group is no longer active.)
  • Unknown fathers DNA A new Yahoo group started by CeCe Moore and Karin Corbeil. This group was created to offer DNA advice and support for people who are searching for unknown fathers.

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