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Genetic genealogy before 1980

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline

A new vocabulary

In the fall of 2002, for fun, Georgia Kinney-Bopp looked up the date of first use of a few terms.

  • genealogy (14th century)
  • chromosome (1889)
  • mitochondrion (1901) [other variations entered all referred back to this]
  • genetics (1905)
  • nucleotide (1908)
  • gene (1911)
  • genome (1930)
  • ribonucleic acid (1931)
  • deoxyribonucleic acid (1938)
  • DNA (1944)
  • RNA (1948)
  • mtDNA - "The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary"

A year later it included: mtDNA [refers to] mitochondrial DNA (1964) Source: Merriam Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, 10th Edition Collegiate® Dictionary Date is the date of the earliest recorded use in English, as far as could be determined. (Year later - Collegiate 2003 Merriam-Webster, Inc.- premium service) 2004 Note: The above link still exists but the Collegiate version, including dates, is now part of their premium service

Related timelines

Mendel, Wilkins, Franklin, Crick, Watson, Kornberg, Sanger, Berg, McClintock, et al. See links to related timelines below.

  • Y-chromosome marker timeline 1992-2002 From a presentation by John Butler. Note from Ann P Turner: "The very first test that was developed found absolutely no differences in samples gathered around the world, and it was thought that the Y chromosome wouldn't be very useful for genealogical or evolutionary studies".
  • ThinkQuest timeline Begins with the microscope and ends with cloning. The Timeline-related links contain citations. (Broken link)
  • DNA Timeline from Santa Monica College Mendel to genome sequence; includes sketches of Mendel, OJ, Dolly the Sheep, Monica and Bill, and more! But keep scrolling because it's less tacky than you think . . . .