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Genetic genealogy 2012

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline

6 April 2012

Publication of 'A Copernican Reassessment of the Human Mitochondrial DNA Tree from its Root' by Doron M. Behar, Mannis van Oven, Saharon Rosset, Mait Metspalu, Eva-Liis Loogvali, Nuno M. Silva, Toomas Kivisild, Antonio Torroni, and Richard Villems. American Journal of Human Genetics 90, 675–684, April 6, 2012. This paper proposed a major revision to the mitochondrial DNA tree, advocating the use of the Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence instead of the Cambridge Reference Sequence. The paper acknowledged the contributions of ISOGG members and volunteer project administrators Rebekah Canada (haplogroup H) and Bill Hurst (haplogroup K). The publication of the paper coincided with the launch of the accompanying MtDNA Community Website.

3 May 2012

Ancestry announced the launch of its new autosomal DNA testing service in the USA.[1] The AncestryDNA test is the third autosomal DNA testing service for genealogical purposes to come on the market following on from the 2009 launch of 23andMe's Relative Finder feature (now known as DNA Relatives) and the Family Finder test from Family Tree DNA which became available in 2010. See the 2009 and 2010 timelines.

July 2012

Publication of the citizen science paper "Discovery of Western European R1b1a2 Y Chromosome Variants in 1000 Genomes Project Data: An Online Community Approach". Rocca RA, Magoon G, Reynolds DF, Krahn T, Tilroe VO, Op den Velde Boots PM and Grierson AJ.. PLoSONE 7(7).

25 July 2012

The launch of the Geno 2.0 test from the Genographic Project was announced.

August 2012

Publication of the book Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in my DNA by ISOGG member Richard Hill.

Family Tree DNA sold kit no. 250,000 on 15 August 2012.

September 2012

On 30 September it was noted that Family Tree DNA had 20,492 mtGenomes (mtDNA full sequence results) in their database.[2] The exact date when the 20,000 milestone was passed is not known.

November 2012

As of 4 November, FTDNA had 150,948 mtDNA results in its database. The precise date when the 150,000 milestone was passed is not known.