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Genetic genealogy 2015

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline

23 January 2015

The Swedish Society of Genetic Genealogy is officially launched. The announcement is made by Peter Sjölund in the ISOGG Facebook group.

3 February 2015 published their 2014 results. As of 31 December 2014 they had 2,115,000 subscribers. In January 2015 they had 700,000 people in their AncestryDNA database. See the press release for further details.

25th February 2015

Family Tree DNA have now processed over 50,000 full mitochondrial sequence test results. The count, as of 25 February 2015, was 50,166. In contrast there were 29,480 full-sequence results on the GenBank database, including 1,771 submitted directly by FTDNA customers and others submitted with scientific papers, mainly by Dr. Doron Behar.[1]

18th June 2015

23andMe announces that it has genotyped its one millionth customer.[2][3]

16th July 2015

Ancestry announces the launch of AncestryHealth. At the same time they announced that they have now tested over one million people. For details see the Ancestry press release.


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