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Genetic genealogy 2002

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline

July 2002

24 July: Family Tree DNA publishes the first issue of Facts and Genes, the first genetic genealogy newsletter. In the newsletter FTDNA announces the launch of its new 25-marker Y chromosome DNA test. All 21-marker tests were upgraded to the 25-marker test at no additional charge. The new markers included in the test are: DYS 464a, 464b, 464c and 464d.[1]

August 2002

Dennis Garvey is the first to come up with modal haplotypes for "the three main European haplogroups".[2] This was before SNP testing was available to us, but clusters could be seen. Now Whit Athey's haplogroup predictor is used by hobbyists.

September 2002

DNAPrint Genomics (also known as DNAPrint and AncestrybyDNA) offers "BioGeographical Ancestry" (BGA) testing for "recreational genomics" - testing "for percentages of African, Indo-European, East Asian, and Native American ancestry". Their services were added to Family Tree DNA product offerings in November 2002[3] and then dropped by 2004.

October 2002

Georgia Kinney Bopp starts a genetic genealogy timeline with the help of the Rootsweb Genealogy DNA discussion list. (George's timeline was used as the foundation of the ISOGG Wiki timeline in August 2010.)

October 2002

Alastair Greenshields begins Ybase while developing DNA Heritage (see Timeline:Genetic genealogy 2003, December)

November 2002

Dennis Garvey is the first to estimate the ordering of mutation rates for the markers used by the genetic testing companies.[4]

November 2002

Remains of the "unknown child" lost in the Titanic is identified using mitochondrial DNA.[5]

December 2002

Clonaid claims birth of first human clone, baby "Eve." Lots of publicity but no evidence! (27 Dec 2002)

December 2002

FTDNA reports they ended the year with 309 surname projects. (Would like data from other companies to include here.)

Some time after August 2002 Family Tree DNA introduced the mtDNAPlus test (HVR1+HVR2). There does not appear to have been any announcement in Facts and Genes.


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