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Genetic genealogy 2010

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline

February 2010

Family Tree DNA launches the Family Finder test, an autosomal DNA test which allows customers to find genetic cousins within the FTDNA database. Relationships are predicted depending on the amount of DNA shared and the size of the shared segments.[1] Family Finder was launched in a phased release and was initially offered to existing customers only.[2] It was sold to the public for the first time at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show at Olympia in London, England, at the end of February 2010.[3]

Family Finder is the second autosomal DNA test to come on the market for genealogical purposes following on from the launch of 23andMe's Relative Finder feature in October 2009. (See the 2009 timeline.)

July 2010

The ISOGG Wiki is founded by Debbie Kennett and Tom Hutchison.


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